Our Programs

All students have the opportunity to sign up for one of the 45+ clubs that occur every month.


6th Grade:Wheel classes that rotate for each 6th-grade student each 9 week quarter include: Keyboarding, Health, Music, and Art. By application, students can also take a self-paced, community-based, problem-solving course called EAST.

7th Grade:Students in 7th-grade have a variety of elective classes to choose from. Some classes are a semester-long course and others are for the full school year.

Fine Arts: Art, Advanced Art, Drama, Select Drama, Stagecraft, Men's and Women's Choir, and Band (Instrument Specific classes are offered).

Business & Technology: Coding, EAST, and Intro. to Business Communication and Technology.

Some classes may require an application or tryout process.

Athletics: Basketball, Cross Country, Football, Volleyball, Cheer